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Get your Real Estate License just within 6 Months.
Deciding to obtain your Real Estate license can be one of the most important and challenging decisions that you make, here we help you every step to the way of Real Estate Profession, We help you to Pass Your OREA Real Estate License Exam just in 6 months:
Real Estate as a Professional Career: To sell real estate in Ontario you must complete all three pre-registration courses:
• Admission Test Exam (FREE)
• Course 1 (Real Estate As A Professional Career)
• Course 2 (Land Structures And Real Estate Trading)
• Course 3 Residential
• Course 4 Commercial
• Course 5 Real Property Law
Everyone wants to get the Real Estate License in Ontario, you must have to complete those mandatory program course. To be eligible to write Provincial Real Estate Qualifying Examination, you must meet the 75% marks the requirement. We help you to pass all three exam accordingly…
• How to get Real Estate License within 6 months?
• How to PASS all Real Estate Exam FAST?
• Which part of the Book should you study?
• How to solve Mortgage Math quickly?
We have been teaching Real Estate Exam Preparation Studies since 2003 and have number of our students attending Real Estate Course 1, 2 & 3 exams every week.
This constant feedback and monitoring helps and prepare you with predictable questions no surprises for the exams.
Classes are held on one-to-one basis to guide towards grabbing your Real Estate License in 6 months
We take you through what you need to know to pass the real estate exams towards “the journey towards success Real Estate practice classes that mirror what you’ll see on test day... to sharpen your focus in this all-important area;
Exclusive Review question papers– with explanations on how to work every problem;
The Bottom Line: When you use our Tutoring Service, you will to succeed towards your journey in Real Estate Business. We will give you the training and confidence to get you there! But remember \\\"I lead a horse to the water, but cannot make it to drink\\\"
Here's just some of what you'll get when you enroll for our tutoring program and How it works...
• We teach you all the math solution on the whiteboard
• Providing all the Theory Notes (including theory and lecture)
• Providing Math Sample Questions
• Providing Math Questioners Answering Sheet
• Providing Theory Questioners
• Providing Exam Review (like self-test of your exam)
After four weeks study you can write your OREA exam very confidently
You will be eligible to JOIN our WEB Forum to post your study problem.
Telephone support available for our students.
Call today and join your FREE Session Class
Toronto: 416-477-2788
Visit our website at

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